Wednesday 29 April 2015

The Meandering Miner

The Meandering Miner

This is my video for a competition for the game elite dangerous ctrl+alt +space film 2015
it took the stalking of an NPC in a mining zone and a lot of patients. then chopped it up and edited it 
hope you enjoy it 

Friday 5 July 2013

Starmade Corilian Corvette

After i made the Enterprise i decided i wanted to test it in battle so i found a nice group of pirates.... i found out to late my ship had no shields and the engines were not arranged in a way to help me manoeuvre fast enough to rain death from my front guns it ended in disaster and i got roasted

i decided to try a star wars approach and began modelling a corillian corvette 
 the plan was to make a gunship with turrets to do the shooting for me and let me survive a lot longer

 the docked turrets saw premature test as work was disrupted by a gang of marauders

 the engines look cool and the setup allows more manoeuvring

 windows give a nice view of the fireworks going off
its a long and thin ship so fells a lot more claustrophobic inside but it works

made a deflector dish made of missile weapons which will toast any foe

 inside this shows the one internal dock for a personal ship. i made an Awing but it looked awful so i recycled it
 the cockpit view well illuminated and does the job

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Update on the project

spent a lot of time texturing my robotic hand and its looking real nice. some choice shaders and reflections and the muscles are on the hand to subtly deform. filmed the background footage and will be looking into tracking the video ready for the final composite

Friday 21 June 2013

StarMade Enterprise

StarMade is a new game currently in its Alpha and Free to play! its a Space Version of Mine craft and is very cool. link below!

i had a mess about on it and crash-landed two ships on planets until released the ships need down facing thrusters! as planets have gravity. i made an awesome harvester that devoured all in my path. it then occurred to me to build something more fun and go kill pirates

from the core i started with the saucer section and built up the areas 

if i  designed a sartrek ship i would have added tons of guns and missiles......
so i did. the front of the ship apart from cockpit is guns 

made the deflector a salvage beam array. it looks cool but unfortunately doesn't quite work 

the behind of the enterprise has long elegant engines and a docking pad for a pod for land excursions 
the cool thing about this game is a gravity unit which allows the user to walk around the ship normally. this is great unless you exit the ship outside in which case you fall away from the ship.... anoying but you learn 

the cockpit has a view with windows made of glass. the gun batteries to the left and right

overall from my brief play its an awesome fun game to play in its alpha so when its complete it should rock 
i need to focus on real work now....

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Storm Raven

Based on this link of the Space marine Storm Raven Gunship
storm raven page

I decided i wanted one to  complement my Grey knight Forces and although a new model would look and be amazing £50 is not something i have right now, so i decided to make my own out of leftover wood and oddments in the basement

these images show the wood was screwed in to the sawn base block and odd 

 i used a chopped up microwave meal box to make the wings and tail

on top of the model i placed some ariel connectors i had lying about. i decided not to use them in the end as they seemed to big and odd looking

i used filler and sandpaper to clean things up and to hide the imperfections

then used Dr Pepper lids for the engine bits and a wire connection hub on the side to mount the Hurricane Bolters (Guns). further the cockpit was made of more microwave meal plastic, (not a regular resource in our house) 
last touch to this is the wings received the side of a strawberry box to add nice shape

 hear is the more completed version with a nice lick of paint the job on the Dr pepper lids and the red stripe are nice additions. overall it has achieved the desired effect

im not convinced about the cockpit bit. i cant make it transparent. the guns need some nozzles to look more militaristic. i had the idea of using lolly sticks and the base needs some TLC

more updates to come.......

Bradford Wrestling Alliance Motion Capture

Motion Capture Wrestling Project:
 using the professional BWA wresslers Gareth Angel and Mark Star. they donned there bobble suits and did what they do best in front of the motion capture cameras. the camera tracks the reflective balls and as as they move the computer can determine its location in 3d space.

using a flash on the camera brings out there reflective balls (they did have a crash mat for the painful looking moves)

we cleaned up the data by doing a human dot to dot which drives a skeleton. this then in turn drives a 3d model. after tweaking the model will mimic the wrestler's Awesome moves

this video shows the process 

Final Result! what we ended up with!

Monday 17 June 2013