Friday, 21 June 2013

StarMade Enterprise

StarMade is a new game currently in its Alpha and Free to play! its a Space Version of Mine craft and is very cool. link below!

i had a mess about on it and crash-landed two ships on planets until released the ships need down facing thrusters! as planets have gravity. i made an awesome harvester that devoured all in my path. it then occurred to me to build something more fun and go kill pirates

from the core i started with the saucer section and built up the areas 

if i  designed a sartrek ship i would have added tons of guns and missiles......
so i did. the front of the ship apart from cockpit is guns 

made the deflector a salvage beam array. it looks cool but unfortunately doesn't quite work 

the behind of the enterprise has long elegant engines and a docking pad for a pod for land excursions 
the cool thing about this game is a gravity unit which allows the user to walk around the ship normally. this is great unless you exit the ship outside in which case you fall away from the ship.... anoying but you learn 

the cockpit has a view with windows made of glass. the gun batteries to the left and right

overall from my brief play its an awesome fun game to play in its alpha so when its complete it should rock 
i need to focus on real work now....

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